The foundation for your autonomous enterprise

A8Studio is where the vision of an Autonomous Enterprise comes to life. The A8Studio environment enables you to design end-to-end hyperautomation across all your customer journeys , starting from your customer interactions all the way to incorporating deep insights into your existing business processes.

The A8Studio environment is also the common foundation tying our products A8Flow, A8Chat, and A8iQ together. You design once in A8Studio and then activate these workflows and manage them as conversations in A8Chat, or deploy them as automated workflow instances in A8Flow. Once these workflows are activated, monitor them for patterns, insights, and anomalies in A8iQ and incorporate these insights back into the customer journey , making your workflows truly autonomous.

How A8Studio works

Imagine that we are in the kitchen of a popular restaurant. It is a lovely Friday evening. A lot of people are looking to dine tonight. An equally large audience is looking to order in. You are the restaurant manager and would like to pay equal attention to both dine-in requests as well as take-out.

With this analogy in mind, think of A8Studio as the valiant restaurant crew that saves your day. The A8Studio environment helps you design comprehensive recipes – or end-to-end hyper-automated workflows – for every possible scenario.

If you would like to design a front-end experience for your concierge staff to serve and interact with your customers, A8Studio can help you build dialogs & personalized interactions, which get activated on A8Chat as conversations.

Animation showcasing low-code and Output of A8Flow


Maybe you would like to work on a take-out order i.e. a multi-participant workflow which needs to go through several activities to satisfy a customer journey. In that case, you could design a multi-role multi-system workflow in A8Studio which automates the execution of activities without writing a single line of code to integrate these systems. This hyper-automated workflow then gets deployed in the A8Flow runtime environment which you could manage and track to completion from a consolidated dashboard.

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Animation showcasing low-code and Output of A8Chat


And while you are at it, unlock insights and deep analysis how each of these activated flows and conversations are performing, with A8iQ. Bring back these insights as actionable intelligence and weave them back into A8Studio, to make it a truly hyper-automated workflow. A8Studio provides you with this feedback loop to continuously evolve and refine your workflows, so your insights are not lost in a silo, but are fed back to enhance your customer journeys

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Animation showcasing low-code and Output of A8iQ


A8Studio brings A8Chat, A8Flow, and A8iQ seamlessly together to create a comprehensive enterprise workflow automation platform for you. See it in action by scheduling a demo with us today!

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