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We are Autonom8

Accelerating your transition to an Autonomous Enterprise™

Autonom8 has built a SaaS platform that allows you to truly digitize customer-facing workflows quickly.  We call these workflows customer journeys.  Digitization is not just about moving from a paper-based process to an app-based process.  A8’s platform brings together learning (ML) and Conversations (NLP) to make these journeys agile and flexible.  And we deliver it through a low-code SaaS platform, taking away the biggest pain in the traditional enterprise software delivery cycle – project timelines running into months.  With A8’s platform, IT teams can respond to Business Requirements in a few days.  And with true SaaS-based pricing – that takes care of the vagaries of your business.

Unlike traditional enterprise software companies, we do not charge huge upfront fees, and our objective is to align our business with that of yours, as a true partner should.  We take inspiration from what Amazon did to the infrastructure industry – no huge upfront fees, no minimum commitment, flexibility to exit if you no longer see value in A8.  In short, we share your risks!

What’s in a name

  • autonomy: self-aware, self-diagnosing, self-governing, self-healing
  • automate: programmable

Autonomy + Automate = Autonom8 (pronounced Autonomate)
(often abbreviated to A8)

customer experience
agile customer experience
saas based company who build ai powered workflows and chatbots