Adaptive intelligence for Customer Journeys

A8iQ is our Learning Engine. Our platform enables enterprises to build adaptive Customer Journeys. Events are streamed to A8iQ which generates real-time operational metrics and actionable insights. Businesses can specify metrics (e.g. number of sales, deflection rate); A8iQ automatically builds models to track, predict, and optimize these metrics.

a8iq - adaptive intelligence

A8iQ Key capabilities-customer journey analytics

A8iQ is deployed in our cloud. It is also available as a standalone product for existing workflows


Real-Time Dashboards

Journey events can be displayed in real-time on a rich collection of interactive visualization widgets (graphs, heatmaps, geomaps). This is your Observability Console for operational metrics, flow analytics, and user behavior. Slice, dice & drill-down into your business.


Journey Tracking

Journey Tracking is a collection of analytics tools and ML models to acquire insight into Customer Journeys. With workflow-oriented visualizations, A8iQ identifies inefficiencies (e.g. bottlenecks, anomalies, unused paths), uncovers latent patterns (e.g. fraud), and highlights your customers' moments of delight & despair!


Closed-Loop Learning

All journey events are continuously streamed to A8iQ. Based on the journey, A8iQ automatically builds models to optimize business metrics. These models generate insights & recommendations to maximize business efficiency. Business owners can apply them, and changes can be instantly deployed.

Technical details- Real time dashboards

  • Scalability

    A8iQ can scale effortlessly to handle the volume, velocity, and variability of your data

  • Time & Location Modeling

    Journeys are naturally modeled as events over time. Our platform can also capture location info. This enables A8iQ to generate valuable forecasts and geocentric insights.

  • Conversational Modeling

    User phrases, intents, integration events and other telemetry from chatbots can be fed into A8iQ. Drill down into chat sessions, identify training gaps, and improve your conversational metrics.

  • Standalone Integration

    Even if you're not using our platform, you can integrate your existing workflows and conversations with A8iQ using APIs.

  • Custom Events

    You can send custom data to A8iQ, e.g. events which are meaningful to your workflow. These can be incorporated into dashboards and models.

customer journey analytics

Areas where A8iQ can help you


Flagging loan applications

We build a reference model for loan applications from your historical data. This model is deployed to review incoming applications, in real-time. A8iQ can uncover anomalous patterns within journeys (e.g. income much higher than average for location) or across journeys (e.g. same email on multiple loan applications) and flag these for further attention.


Agent effectiveness

The range of effectiveness of your customer support staff can vary by as much as 3x. By processing customer service workflows, A8iQ can identify the leading factors which come into play. We give you actionable data to make decisions around load allocation, training, hiring, and retention.


Autonomous workflows

With the advent of 5G & related technologies, we will see an explosion in the volume of data which will influence decisions e.g. "should COVID-19 updates change patient admission procedures?". A8iQ provides the infrastructure to enable new sources of streaming data and immediately use them to control workflows. This resembles the behavior of autonomous workflows which use real-time data to influence routes.