Build intelligence into your customer workflows

Get deep business insights with hyperautomation workflows.
Adapt and optimize your customer workflows rapidly

A8iQ breaks you from the shackles of static business processes by bringing hyperautomation and intelligence into your workflows. With A8iQ, you can unlock deep business metrics that you could not see before and adapt your workflows to optimise these metrics continuously, creating a learning feedback loop.


Key benefits of A8iQ

Learn about your business metrics across the enterprise

Screenshot showcasing A8iQ

Introspect, Analyse, and Optimise. All in one place.

Screenshot showcasing A8iQ

Share your view of the business. However you want it

Stay informed every time. No more surprises.

Screenshot showcasing A8iQ
Screenshot showcasing A8iQ
Screenshot showcasing A8iQ
Screenshot showcasing A8iQ

The A8 Platform Advantage

A8iQ pairs up with other A8Studio capabilities like A8Chat and A8flow, making your customer workflows intelligent out of the box. Find out how.

Intelligent Workflows. Delivered as you like it.

Intelligent conversations. Delivered as you like it.