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WhatsApp chatbots in insurance: the hidden potential of personal messaging

WhatsApp chatbots – unchartered territory for insurance One out of every five adults in the United States uses Whatsapp for

May 28 2020

Conversational AI-banking in an era of ‘social distancing’

In times like these where a pandemic has gripped the world, and each of us are staying put in our

May 26 2020

How to decide on the right chatbot for your banking institution

The burden on the banking care ecosystem in 2020 The COVID-19 crisis has been tough on the US banking sector.

May 21 2020

Improve CX in a call center using chatbots

Call centers are high-pressure environments. In a 24×7 world, your customer support agents are perpetually overloaded.  In most cases, customers

May 13 2020

Humanizing patient care with a smart virtual assistant

While other industries are adopting modern ways of doing things, healthcare still has a traditional, manual approach to dealing with

Ranjit Padmanabhan

Apr 20 2020