Fully functional enterprise virtual assistants

Customer service can be a tough challenge given high user expectations and high costs associated with 24 x 7 manned service desks. Traditional automation solutions like IVRs and chat bots have not delivered given the limited functionality they support and limited integration with enterprise systems. A8Chat provides enterprises with fully functional virtual assistants to meet user needs.

Overview of key capabilities

A8Chat is delivered on a cloud infrastructure with provision to customize deployment models for enterprise specific needs.


Live Chat Integration

The engine is configured to transfer the call to a human expert who can respond to complex queries before handing control back to the bot. The live chat engine has the ability to ‘read’ user text for agents to prepare better and also allow bots to suggest answers that agent could modify


Transaction completion

Deep integration with internal systems allow users to invoke services that enable logging of service tickets, complete simple transactions and also submit requests for documents.


Multi-Channel support

The chat could be accessed via a variety of channels that users feel comfortable with- including the web, mobile applications, SMS and messenger applications.

Technical details

  • Scalability

    Given that A8Chat is built on the cloud, it can be deployed within hours and can scale to meet transactional volume spikes. 

  • Access

    Access to the workflow is possible via web, native mobile, SMS and messaging applications. This opens up a variety of use cases, and enables consumers to interact through channels of choice

  • Integration

    The service hooks enable interfacing with a variety of services and can be customized further for unique enterprise requirements

  • Security

    The platform has been designed for enterprise grade security and availability with periodic audits undertaken.


Areas where A8Chat can help you


Loan application for banks

Manage complex flows, integrations with internal and third part systems from lead through to sanction. The benefits delivered are a 20-50% reduction in processing time, 5-10X speed of GTM and 15-20% reduction in costs


New Employee onboarding

Streamline information gathering & document collection from new joinees with governance and exception management. This reduces compliance issues by over 80% and a 10-15% increase in day 1 employee satisfaction 


Vendor engagement processes

Manage vendor interaction from onboarding through to purchase orders, tracking shipments and payments. The streamlined process can improve vendor engagement, reduce discrepancies and improve transparency across the purchase function