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Chatbot orchestration for work-sharing platform

work-sharing platform

Customer Background

Emerging fintech player was looking to fully outsource technology while focusing on sales & credit
Key priorities were rapid deployment of product variants and creating a market differentiator around rapid disbursal

Process Coverage

Ownership of multiple loan categories from customer documentation, quick underwriting, credit information, auto-debit and e-sign. Underwriting was owned and exposed as a service.

A8 Delivery

  • Platform was customized to deliver multiple workflows customized for product needs. Completely digital with documents captured via images or document upload
  • Implementation in 15 business days
  • Agile to accommodate field and business level changes within 8-16 hours
  • No involvement from client IT except for integration with their back-end systems


  • Typical completion time was 10 minutes (against market benchmark of 30 minutes)
  • Sales efficiency higher by ~25%, with back-office productivity up by ~45% (compared with similar products from competition)




Reduction in cycle time.


Lift in efficiency


Rise in customer satisfaction.