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Employee Support Services

Employee Support Services

Customer Background

HR Platform provider was seeking to cost-effectively service their clients employees. Users expected 24×7 instant support with ability to get full functionality across channels.

Coverage was for 100,000 employees from leading corporates with rigorous performance and compliance standards including top 5 US banks, leading global e-commerce company, top 5 Indian Private sector banks & top 3 telecom player.

A8 Solution

  • A8 Chat hosted on cloud with integration to HR Platform and accessible via web, Android and iOS
  • Customized UX for each employer with language/ business rules contextualized to needs
  • Ability to escalate to human agent for complex queries (and learn on feedback)
  • Provide users the ability to log complaint tickets and send/receive documents

Value Created

  • Email reduction between 60-80%
  • Average TAT for complex queries reduced from 48 to 8 hours
  • Manual agent limited to complex queries alone- effort reduced by 50%
  • Higher employee satisfaction due to 24×7 availability, mobile support & first time issue resolution




Reduction in cycle time.


Lift in efficiency


Rise in customer satisfaction.