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From Processes to Customer Journeys

Traditional business processes are task-centric, static and insular. And created for operational efficiency.

Customer Journeys make your customer the focus and are defined by customer objectives. They span multiple businesses & services, consume external data (e.g social media) and are flexible and personalized.

Customer Journey as a Service (CJaaS)

Autonom8 is building a platform for enterprises to build, integrate & deploy adaptive Customer Journeys. We enable your enterprise to integrate seamlessly, securely and comprehensively with your customers, partners and Intelligent Agents such as Bots, IoT devices.

  • Programmable: Reduces costs through automation & digitization.

  • Adaptive: Build customer experiences with self-diagnosis & recovery.

  • Intelligent: Personalized experience, conversational interfaces & smart enterprise integration.

Product Portfolio
  • Ingestion Toolkit: A collection of tools to parse & extract data fields from scanned documents (e.g. Driver's license, passport, ID documents: SSN [USA], Aadhaar [India], check leaf, paycheck, bank statement, etc. )

  • Form Bot Generator: Describe your form (e.g. Loan Application) & automatically generate a bot to interact with users and gather data. This can be used with the Ingestion Toolkit to retrieve data from documents.

  • Enterprise Bot Management Platform: Platform for enterprises to seamlessly integrate, deploy, control, and monitor chatbots.