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Autonom8 provides digital workflow solutions to improve customer journeys across various industry verticals.


Healthcare workflows: a digital labyrinth of IT systems


Digital healthcare solution

The status quo of the patient experience in the US healthcare system is fragmented. A staggering 81% of healthcare consumers are unsatisfied with the experience they undergo. Many of these consumers are accustomed to memorable service experiences in other sectors with companies like Uber, Starbucks, and Chase. Meanwhile, US hospitals have failed to meet self-service expectations by continuing to rely on traditional channels to interact with patients. The fact that all major US hospitals are undergoing a massive wave of consolidation by acquiring many care providers complicates integration issues leading to inconsistent patient experiences. It is no surprise then that US hospitals suffer from one of the lowest NPS scores across industries for hospital-patient interaction.

Autonom8 is here to help. We can set a strong foundation for your hospital organization to streamline the patient experience.


Do You Know: Doctors can save 3 hrs/week with A8 Chat’s customized for healthcare. Watch this video to know-how.


If your bank is looking to overhaul its customer-facing journeys, Autonom8 provides an enterprise-grade platform with its suite of products A8Chat, A8Flow, and A8iQ, to completely transform your customer experience.


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