Customer journeys made intuitive

While customers automate their back-offices for productivity, the customer facing processes still deliver a poor user experience that are typically built with a division centric view. A8Flow aims to make the customer journey intuitive, efficient and agile to changing business needs.

Overview of key capabilities


Built for Agility

The platform has been designed to deploy within 2-4 weeks for most business processes. Changes to flow can be deployed on the fly through the Journey Builder. The Journey Runtime enables platform agility and cloud-based delivery allows customers to experiment on flow variations


Adaptive and Smart

The underlying Journey Cognition engine uses ML algorithms to constantly analyse process data to identify opportunities to redesign process flow and to automate processes and recommendations to aid process designers. This allows A8 to offer personalized flow variations.



Our Configuration and Customization modules allow business users to design flows as per unique enterprise needs. Integrations to existing enterprises systems and third-party services allow the platform to seamlessly drive efficiency



The platform built to meet exacting standards of enterprises- security, scalability, compliance and visibility into business and operational performance. Process probes allow continuous oversight of process performance


A8Flow is delivered on a cloud infrastructure with provision to customize deployment models for enterprise specific needs.

  • Rapid deployment & scaling

    Given that A8Flow is built on the cloud, it can be deployed within hours and can scale to meet transactional volume spike

  • Access

    Access to the workflow is possible via web, native mobile, sms and messaging applications. This opens up a variety of use cases, and enables consumers to interact through channels of choice

  • Wide-integration

    This allows A8Flow to fit seamlessly within the larger service ecosystem. The service hooks enable interfacing with a variety of services and can be customized further for unique enterprise requirements

  • Security

    The platform has been designed for enterprise grade security and availability with periodic audits undertaken


Benefits delivered to various stakeholders



Improved user experience, productivity



Process simplification reduces effort, improves compliance



Improved GTM and process control for business users



Variabilized costs for experimentation enable easier business case

Areas where A8 Flow can help you


Loan application for banks

Manage complex flows, integrations with internal and third part systems from lead through to sanction. The benefits delivered are a 20-50% reduction in processing time, 5-10X speed of GTM and 15-20% reduction in costs


New Employee onboarding

Streamline information gathering & document collection from new joinees with governance and exception management. This reduces compliance issues by over 80% and a 10-15% increase in day 1 employee satisfaction


Vendor engagement processes

Manage vendor interaction from onboarding through to purchase orders, tracking shipments and payments. The streamlined process can improve vendor engagement, reduce discrepancies and improve transparency across the purchase function