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Autonom8 provides digital workflow solutions to improve customer journeys across various industry verticals.


A8 Customer Journey capability showcase

Prologue: a series of unfortunate events

A person holding a mobile
A person holding a mobile

Stella took a deep breath.

Stella had just deployed a next-gen chatbot solution on her bank’s website four weeks ago. She was promoted to VP of Customer Experience a few months ago – this was her first salvo at improving the bank’s NPS scores for customer interaction. She was getting great inbound leads, but their internal review, onboarding, and first 30-day experience had been a letdown, with the bank’s internal processes struggling to keep up with demand.

She realized a little too late that it would take an entire rehaul of the bank’s customer-facing platform engine, not just the facade at the first customer interaction.


If your bank is looking to overhaul its customer-facing journeys, Autonom8 provides an enterprise-grade platform with its suite of products A8Chat, A8Flow, and A8iQ, to completely transform your customer experience.


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