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Refactoring Business Processes for Customer Journeys

Enterprises are dealing with a widespread shift to a consumer-centric perspective where end-users interact with multiple businesses to complete a task. These Customer Journeys are driven by seamless integration, intelligent technologies, and consumer expectations & behavior.

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Businesses must evolve to operate in this landscape.

  • Processes must become more elastic to support different types of integration and personalisation.
  • Enterprises must integrate seamlessly with 3rd-parties e.g. Bots, IoT devices for smooth exchange of data and control.
  • Machine Intelligence needs to permeate every aspect of the enterprise, including all end-user touchpoints, interfaces to internal assets, and communications with external applications & 3rd-parties.
  • Businesses should implement Automated Learning and these results should be immediately applicable to Business Process. This will be supported by aggressive Data Acquisition across transactions, devices, apps, and social media.

Autonom8 (A8) offers an enterprise software platform to implement Customer Journey as a Service.