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Autonom8 is a new venture founded by seasoned professionals. We bring significant experience in growing start-ups and scaling up operations. We are passionate about our work & our company, and take pride in creating a work environment to bring out your best. We focus on nurturing creativity and delivering value to our customers, regardless of your work hours or location. We trust you to manage your time responsibly and achieve your personal work-life harmony (which may not be the same as "balance"!).

If you find this appealing, please apply by clicking the A8 Career Bot at the bottom-right. We will ask you for your resume/LinkedIn profile and perform a short assessment (~5 min).

Autonom8 is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or age.

Current openings
  • Full Stack JavaScript Developer

    Location: Bangalore, India

    Autonom8 is looking for a full-stack JavaScript developer. We are seeing significant customer traction in transforming customer experience using digital technologies. Our platform is validated through the first set of customers and is now all set for broader launch.

    As in any startup, the role will require some flexibility in roles across architecture, development, testing and operations. The role will provide ample growth and will provide full exposure to all aspects of the platform. Compensation will be market-linked and you will benefit from expected hyper-growth.

    Experience: 2-6 years
    Location: Bangalore, India


    • Being a full stack developer you would be working on front-end user facing code along with web services implemented on Node.js and AWS Lambda functions.
    • Collaborate with product manager, designers, and business teams to identify and execute solutions built on a Node.js based platform.
    • Support sales effort in prototyping simple web based demos that communicate value to potential customers using a JS framework comfortable with. We believe in the magic of demos with quick turnaround times and you would be instrumental in this.
    • Build awesome product features and more importantly, have fun while doing it!

    Core Skills

    • JavaScript
      • We expect you to be proficient with JavaScript core language features and functionality including ES6 and ES7 features.
      • You should be comfortable working with tools like webpack and browserify for structuring code and modularizing it. Familiarity with build tools like gulp would be useful.
      • We expect you to be proficient with Node.js and have experience using it in a production environment.
      • Prior experience with JS libraries/ frameworks like React and AngularJS is expected from you.
    • Web Markup
      • Familiarity with HTML5 and CSS would be useful.
    • Version Control
      • You should be able to use tools like Git for version controlling the awesome code you would be writing (duh!, I know)
    • Databases
      • Experience working with a NoSQL database like MongoDB or AWS DynamoDB would be definitely useful.
    • Cloud Computing Platform
      • Familiarity with Amazon Web Services platform would be an advantage.
  • Director of Sales

    Location: Saratoga, CA, USA

    Description coming soon