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Autonom8 provides digital workflow solutions to improve customer journeys across various industry verticals.


Healthcare workflows: a digital labyrinth of IT systems

Improving patient experience using the A8 CJaaS Platform

The A8 platform provides a holistic set of products to create a virtual concierge experience for your patients. These products can help your patients navigate the hospital experience and ease their concerns at every step of the journey. Let us find out in detail how that would play out:

Automation in Healthcare

Receive a prescription from a Primary Care Physician (PCP)

Thomas receives a prescription from his doctor or PCP to get an MRI scan to identify his pancreatic duct issues. His doctor did not provide any referrals, so he searches for available lab facilities in his health plan network. The A8Flow platform integration to his health plan initiates an A8Chat conversation with him to personalize his search experience. With a couple of queries and permission to access his location, the conversational chatbot platform helps him narrow down to the network’s best-rated MRI lab facilities. Thomas is relieved that the health plan platform has made his search experience more accessible.

Evaluate potential hospitals and schedules appointment via phone call

Thomas can now see potential availability in the hospital lab, thanks to the A8Flow platform integrated with the hospital registration system. This allows Thomas to finalize his appointment schedule on his own, with self-serve capabilities powered with the Autonom8 platform. A8Chat also gives Thomas visibility into  out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, and other potential costs for this appointment based on his health plan. Thomas is happy that he can schedule an appointment at his convenience, with these self-serve capabilities.

Check-in to the hospital and arrive at the waiting room

On the night before his appointment, the Autonom8 platform sends Thomas a notification on his phone. This notification provides essential guidelines to prepare for his lab checkup, reminding him of his time slot, and offers educational snippets on dietary instructions for the test. It also provides him with the best path to the hospital building and gives him a clear map of which floor and room the lab is situated. Finally, the chatbot reminds him to schedule a ride on Uber around his appointment completion time. Thomas is relieved that he now knows how to prepare for his checkup and navigate the hospital building, although it is his first time.

Undergo medical procedure

While Thomas is in the Uber on the way to the hospital, the platform provides him with a set of well-being measures to calm his mind. The hospital has tied up with a leading well-being content provider and can offer bite-sized educational snippets for helping patients like Thomas relax on the day of their appointment. It also includes the list of allowed actions within the MRI lab chamber, which will enable him to ease his anxiety and claustrophobia. Coming in prepared and informed, Thomas requests the lab technician to administer a light sedative, so he is relaxed during the checkup.

Pay the bill and travel back home

Thomas finished his MRI scan without incident and then walked back to the front desk to complete formalities and billing. He is then provided with a billing summary. He converses with A8Chat to clarify discrepancies with his billing estimate provided earlier. Thomas is relieved to find that the billing estimate matches his current bill and quickly settles his payment. A8Chat reminds him that he had scheduled an Uber ride at this time, and he checks his Uber app if his ride has been summoned. Sure enough, his Uber driver is now waiting for him right outside the hospital building. Thomas is relieved he did not have to decide to take the bus or cab in his sedated state and is grateful for the chatbot reminding him to do so. He takes the Uber home and reaches his apartment safely.


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