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Autonom8 provides digital workflow solutions to improve customer journeys across various industry verticals.


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What are digital customer journeys in banking?

A digital customer journey is a visual representation of all the interactions a customer has with the business to achieve a particular objective. In this case, customers would be going through two or more steps to successfully apply for a personal loan or housing mortgage from a banking institution.

Loan or Mortgage - Customer Journey
Loan or Mortgage – Customer Journey

Loan or Mortgage Origination

Customers are either contacted by an outbound marketing team from the bank to enquire for loan requirements OR they could be interested in a particular banking service specific to their mortgage requirements and might approach them through traditional channels like web/phone/email.

Document Submission

Upon successful qualification based on preliminary queries, the customer submits the necessary identity and financial documents through online submission or through a collection agent, who routes the documents to the bank, then forwards it to a credit review team.

Credit Review

The customer then awaits feedback and approval from the bank via the credit review team, which carefully verifies the paperwork to determine eligibility limits and creditworthiness of the individual seeking the loan.

Account creation and onboarding

On successful approval, customers get an authorized letter with detailed APR and mortgage closing instructions. They can now proceed to fill the necessary closing paperwork to fulfill home buying formalities. On completion, they are provided with access instructions to review their loan details online.

Post disbursal support

Once the mortgage amount is successfully disbursed, the monthly EMI schedule terms kick in, and the customer is notified about the payment schedule. They can contact the bank for supporting documentation like tax certificates or adjustable-rate updates through available channels like email/phone/online chat.


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