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Autonom8 provides digital workflow solutions to improve customer journeys across various industry verticals.


A8 Customer Journey capability showcase

CJaaS capabilities: a new hope for digital banking platforms

The status quo is that a set of technology providers would enable chatbot platforms for customer interactions. In contrast, a different category of technology companies might provide a way to improve workflows, and yet another breed might provide data insights into existing business processes. All three categories might have their proprietary platforms, which might not talk to each other. Such a disparate set of platforms creates their own set of inefficiencies to deal with, when banks attempt to get these systems to work seamlessly with their legacy infrastructure.

Autonom8 provides all the capabilities under one roof. Banks need not shop around to plug in chatbot capabilities, automated workflows, and data insights from different technology vendors into their existing customer journeys. Autonom8 offers seamless orchestration to bind and enable these customer journeys across its suite of products.

Service Blueprint Innovation with A8 CJaSS
Service Blueprint Innovation with A8 CJaSS

Let us go through the same steps to see the differentiated benefits that only an integrated platform like Autonom8 can offer, to make a compelling digital banking experience throughout the mortgage journey.

Loan or Mortgage Origination

Marketing and Sales teams could now leverage the same process to generate leads across all channels. A8Chat works on the web and mobile, but it can also work across most popular messaging channels like WhatsApp and FB messenger. Such cross-platform capabilities mean banks could now reach out to customers wherever they are.

A8Chat provides a way for customers to quickly lookup all available product offerings and provide them with an automated approach to provide preliminary information. It could then route only specific chat workflows to the marketing and sales team, which might require human intervention.

Document Submission

A8Chat is not only a conversational chatbot platform – when combined with A8Flow, it becomes an integrated document scanning and secure solution for image recognition. It can detect the content type and match patterns to diagnose missing or incorrect information in documents while masking sensitive information. All preliminary checks to process paperwork can be done in real-time with accurate results, thus reducing the cycle time to review document collection.

Credit Review

A8Flow provides an exhaustive credit score modeling capability, which would enable predicting creditworthiness by evaluating account and spend history from a variety of sources and arrive at an informed estimate for mortgage eligibility. It also minimizes the need to coordinate offline between various legal and compliance teams for field visits and 3rd party investigations for title search by providing a dashboard that informs all teams on the next steps in the application process.

Combined with A8iQ, the Autonom8 platform provides best-in-class fraud detection and diagnosis capabilities, by automatically matching mortgage application patterns at scale to flag abnormal patterns and surfacing them proactively on the platform.

Account creation and onboarding

A8Chat and A8Flow can allow agents to manage multiple accounts from the dashboard, which gives account agents a single consolidated view of where their customers are at each stage in the mortgage process. It also allows agents to provide customer-friendly options to utilities like APR or mortgage payment information and securely authenticate enquiring customers to serve them immediately without having them download apps or visit a website to access account information.

Post disbursal support

A8Chat allows proactive customer support by assisting customers 24/7 not just on transactional inquiries but also on reviewing monthly and annual tax reporting. Combined with A8iQ, it can proactively look for spend patterns and nudge customers by offering personalized options for adjacent products provided by the bank, without having to wait for an agent to initiate the conversation.


If your bank is looking to overhaul its customer-facing journeys, Autonom8 provides an enterprise-grade platform with its suite of products A8Chat, A8Flow, and A8iQ, to completely transform your customer experience.


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