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Evolve from Forms to Bots

Your business requires your users to fill various forms (web, pdf, paper, mobile). This is a cumbersome process. Users have to adapt to a rigid form structure, it is difficult to validate user input beyond a simple syntax check, and there's no easy way for users to get assistance. This results in low quality data, high abandonment rate and support cost.

Intelligent conversational Bots can address these issues. These Bots are flexible, have natural language interfaces, can validate data instantaneously, and will adapt to each user. Bots increase data accuracy & completeness, and reduce user fatigue & support cost.

Generate conversational Bots from Forms

The Form Bot Generator automatically converts your forms to conversational Bots. These Bots can run on your website, within your mobile app or inside your choice of messaging platform (FB Messenger, Slack, Skype).

  •  Define the data fields with labels and syntax, like an online form.

  •  Specify the flow of the form, including branches & loops.

  •  Specify external services for additional validation, e.g. verify an Aadhaar ID with the UIDAI.

  •  For each field provide additional Help Information to assist users.

With the Ingestion Toolkit, you can have your users scan documents (e.g. paycheck, ID card) and automatically extract data into forms, e.g. Loan Applications.

We offer transaction-based pricing with improved completion rates, better data accuracy, and significant savings.

  • Natural Language Understanding: The ability to converse in natural language (sentences) with the user.

  • Memory: The Bot can recall prior conversations & maintain the session of the current conversation.

  • Data Validation: Immediate validation of data e.g. e-mail syntax

  • Real-time Data Verification: When the Bot infers data e.g. salary from scanning a paycheck it can instantaneously ask the user to verify the information.

  • Varied Input: Bots will respond to text, images, video, and other commands e.g. app notification, API call.

  • Multi-platform: Can run on websites and within mobile apps and messaging platforms.