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Managing chatbots

Our Bot Management Platform enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate, deploy, control, and monitor chatbots. On the surface, it appears simple to integrate chatbots: you wire up your website or mobile app to a 3rd-party chatbot service; your customers have a convenient channel for communication / you can cut costs, improve your responsiveness, and increase your NPS.

With your customers now interacting directly with all your chatbots, it becomes apparent that you lack adequate control & visibility over chatbot operations. The Bot Management Platform alleviates these issues & provides enterprise-grade features around integration, deployment, and security. It runs in your own private cloud (AWS VPC, Azure VNet), and acts as an orchestrated, secure proxy between your customers & your Chatbot Army!

Platform for enterprises to seamlessly integrate, deploy, control, and monitor chatbots.
Platform Features

Let's say your customers can "talk" to a Virtual Assistant (aka chatbot) through your mobile app.

  • Are your customers having a good experience?

  • Is the chatbot slow?

  • How often does it fail to respond?

  • Has your chatbot "gone rogue"?!

With the A8 platform
  • Monitor chatbot performance in real-time

  • Scale to meet demand

  • Ensure that your chatbot meets SLA

Chatbots are operated by 3rd-party vendors. Their security infrastructure is not always enterprise-grade.

  • Do you know how the chatbot protects your data?

  • Do you care if your customer sends personal information to the chatbot?

  • Would you sometimes want to restrict access to the chatbot?

With the A8 platform
  • All communication between the customer and your chatbots is protected in flight.

  • You can set up anonymization filters, black & white lists, and configure access policies.

  • All chat data at rest is stored within your "secure cloudwall" and no longer needs to reside with your chatbot provider.

Chatbots do not give you an immediate heads-up when your customer contacts them. You have to wait for reports and invest valuable time reconciling them with your internal Systems of Record.

  • Did you lose an up-sell opportunity?

  • Are your ticketing and CRM systems falling behind?

  • Do you have visibility into a sudden rush in e-commerce orders? Or an unexpected flood of support requests?

With the A8 platform
  • All your internal Systems of Record stay current and feed your business & IT processes.

  • Your ticketing systems will reflect product health; your CRM systems will reflect consumer demand, etc.

  • In other words, A8 will ensure that every "customer contact event" syncs with your internal systems.

To a chatbot, all customers are identical. Without context, they lack the ability to provide a personalized experience.

  • Wouldn't you like to alert the chatbot about high-value customers who deserve special attention?

  • Can you tell the chatbot that this customer is experiencing a localized outage? Delinquent on their bill?

  • How can you follow up with personal notifications or questions or provide follow-on service (fulfillment)?

With the A8 platform

You have control over all communication between the customer and your chatbots. You can:

  • Set rules

  • Orchestrate behaviors

  • Enrich with data from internal systems

  • Schedule notifications or fulfillment actions

Once you've integrated and deployed a chatbot, you're captive:
high cost to change.

Building a fleet of chatbots, specialized for different tasks, is a development nightmare.

  • Do you need a plug-and-play infrastructure for chatbots?

  • Would you like the ability to deploy multiple, specialized chatbots, and control how requests get routed to them?

  • Wouldn't it be nice if changes to your chatbots did not require all client applications to be rebuilt or upgraded?

With the A8 platform
  • You have a robust intermediary between your client apps and your Chatbot Army!

  • Two simple steps to deploy a chatbot:

    1. Register it with the A8 platform.

    2. Write a rule to specify which requests should be routed to it.

  • Decommission a chatbot by simply unregistering it.

Every chatbot you hook up to your enterprise demands its own interfaces to various internal resources & databases

  • Do you have the resources to build and maintain myriad APIs to different systems, databases, and messaging systems?

  • Would you like to control access to your internal enterprise assets from various chatbots (internal & 3rd-party)?

With the A8 platform
  • You get a Data Hub in addition to the communication channel. This includes adapters to:

    1. Databases

    2. Ticketing systems

    3. CRM applications

    4. Messaging systems

  • Furthermore, adding a service layer between 3rd-party chatbots and your internal systems provides added security.